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The easiest, fastest and the most comfortable way how to get to the Czech Republic is by air connection to Prague International Airport Ruzyně. Those who prefer travelling by train should then take an airport shuttle bus or a cab (it is more expensive than a bus) to Prague railway station Praha Hlavní nádraží. There are many trains during the day that travel to Olomouc (distance app. 270 km from Prague, about 2.5 hours, see maps) info:

Alternatively, fly to Vienna (Austria) and then travel to Olomouc (distance app. 200 km) by train. If you travel by bus from Vienna, you have to change the bus in Brno, and the journey takes 4.5 hours (info:

Travel by car. There is a highway from Prague to Olomouc through Brno (highway D1 via Brno), which takes approx. 3 hours. From Vienna to Olomouc via Brno is also approx. 3 hours. To use the highway it is necessary to buy a highway sticker card (valid for a year, one month or 10 days), obtained at the border, post offices or petrol stations.

Transport in Olomouc

In Olomouc, there is an efficient and reliable public transport system (trams and buses) operating until 1:00 a.m., seven days a week. Hourly ticket costs 14 CZK and can be purchased at vending machines, train stations or newsstands (find out more at: